Searching for the Amigo loans login page? Before you login to your Amigo account, we’ve put together a few of the questions you might have about Amigo’s login area, which you can read below. We’ve also pointed out some of the leading features Amigo offer in their login area and how they compare with other lenders’ logins.

FAQ’s about Amigo Loans Login Area

Can my guarantor also login online?

Yes. Amigo allows both the borrower and guarantor to login so both can monitor the loan and be prepared for upcoming payments. The account login can easily be shared using a special link.

Can I change my payment date?

Yes, Amigo allows you to change your payment date online. However, you:

  • Cannot change the first payment date
  • Can’t change a payment date if you’re in arrears
  • Can only change your payment date once every 2 months

How do I check my balance/see my statement?

There are two ways you can view your statement with Amigo. Either you can log in and see a full statement. Or, if you’re on teh go and just want a quick summary, you can text ‘STATEMENT’ to 07595553371. You’ll be charged whatever your phone provider charges you for texts to a mobile.

Amigo Loans Login Page Features:

When logged in to your Amigo loans account, you can:

  • Check payment schedules
  • Edit personal details
  • Make regular payments (via app only)

Amigo also has an app that you can download on the Apple and Google Play stores so you can access your account on the go. On a scale of ‘Very Easy’ to ‘Very Hard’, Amigo’s login area was ranked ‘Easy’ to access. For added security measures, Amigo insists in mobile verification via SMS every time you login to verify it is you. To access the Amigo loans login, all you need to do is click on the blue ‘Login’ button on the top-right of the website or follow your personalised link.

Amigo Loans Login Vs PaydayLoansNet Login

To summarise, we’ve put together a table comparing the features of Amigo and PaydayLoansNet’s login areas:

Feature: Amigo PaydayLoansNet
Check Payment Schedule Yes Yes
Edit details Yes Yes
Make regular payments No Yes
Repay early No Yes
Has an app Yes Yes

Amigo loans is a guarantor lender, which means people with really bad credit who cannot get a loan can ask a guarantor (who has good credit) to co-sign the loan with them. The downside is that if the customer fails to pay the loan, the guarantor needs to pay it instead. Did you know that PaydayLoansNet offers really bad credit loans without a guarantor? Just apply and see how easy our process is!


About Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans – founded in 2005 – is the leading UK lender for guarantor loans. The company is owned mainly by the Richmond Group and was recently listed on the London Stock Exchange and valued at £1.3bn.

Amigo offers loans between £500 and £10,000 over 12-60 months. Loans take 2-48 hours to be paid out, assuming all the correct paperwork is submitted on time. Amigo’s representative APR is 49.9%.

Is Amigo Loans Safe?

Using Amigo is relatively safe for the primary borrower. They get the money they need, and try to repay it. If they cannot repay it, the debt is basically not their problem anymore, but their guarantor’s. Unfortunately, this is bad news for guarantors of borrowers who do not pay back their loans. Amigo has often come under fire for persuading people to be guarantors for people who they know are unfit to borrow.