Applying for loans online has gotten really easy, especially with more lenders competing to make their application shorter and more hassle-free. As a customer, it’s essential to make sure that the company you’re borrowing from is just as committed to a comfortable user experience after you borrow the loan and not only when you’re applying. Overall, you should be able to comfortably manage your loan using the lender login areas. But what features should you be looking for?

What to Expect from Lender Login Areas

We’ve put together a list of features that we think are important for UK payday lenders to offer in their login areas. Before borrowing a loan online, check to see if the lender you are applying with offers these features. You should be able to:

  • See your next payment amount and its due date clearly
  • Edit your details easily without any phone calls or emails
  • Easily make payments online
  • Close your loan early online and save money on interest
  • Download your loan contract

How can I check a lender’s login areas features?

Good question! After all, you can’t see the login area until you’ve been approved for a loan. We’ve found that you can still get an idea of what lender logins offer by:

  • Looking on their website – many lenders have a specific page dedicated to login area features
  • Check the FAQ page – questions like ‘Can I repay my loan online?’ will give you clues as to how flexible the self-service area of the website is
  • Read reviews – Of course, it would be best if you read reviews of any company before you apply with them, but reviews can also give a real insight into what services and features lenders offer behind teh scenes.

Security and Safety Measures when Using Lender Logins

Since you’re sharing personal and sensitive information on the lender’s website, it’s only necessary to take precautions to make sure your information is safe. It may seem silly to you, but personal information is actually precious to hackers who can sell it on the dark net where it may be used to try and harm you financially. You can take these precautions to protect yourself:

  1. Make sure ANY website you put your personal information into starts with https and not just http;
  2. NEVER input your personal information into a website (even a safe one) when using a public Wifi connection or a Wifi connection that is not password-protected;
  3. When you log in to the lender’s website, your saved card’s number should always be starred out.

At PaydayLoansNet, we take the safety of our customers’ information very seriously. As long as you have followed the safety precautions above, you can be sure that your personal information is safe with us! Looking for a flexible loan that is easy to manage online? Apply now with PaydayLoansNet!

Payday Loans Net Login Area

At PaydayLoansNet, we’ve wasted no expense to make our login area as intuitive and useful as possible. Some features you will find are:

  • An overview of your loan
  • Option to download your loan contract
  • Payment plan with next payment clearly displayed
  • Make early payments and save money
  • Savings calculator shows how much you save
  • Edit your personal details and add new payment methods
  • See all previous loans and reapply with most of your information filled in already

Please note that our login area is only accessible to customers with an active loan. If you have applied and been approved, you will only be able to access our login area once the loan has been funded.