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Representative example: Borrow £700 for 5 months. 1st monthly repayment of £235.80, 3 monthly repayments of £235.80, last monthly repayment of £235.90. Total repayment £1,179.10. Interest rate p.a. (fixed) 222.79%. Representative APR 832.04%. Our APR includes all applicable fees. Daily interest is capped at 0.793%.

Have you ever found yourself in a financial predicament, an emergency situation or been in need of cash fast? If you need money in your bank ASAP, quick payday loans may well be the option for you. By applying for quick loans online, you can get the cash you need, on the very same day. Why waste more time? To get an instant decision for the best quick loans online, all you need to do is to fill out our 3-minute application form with your basic details, and you can get started. Once approved for quick money loans, it will take just 1 hour for the money to reach your bank account – it’s that easy.

As an authorised direct lender of quick loans in the UK, we at Payday Loans Net take pride in our quick easy loans process. With some of the highest acceptance rate around, you can get quick payday loans ranging between £300 – £1,000, repayable in flexible payments over the timeframe you desire. We give you the ability to choose a quick money loans repayment period between 3 – 6 months. Additionally, you are able to pay off the remainder of your quick payday loan early if you do so wish, with no added cost!

Our flexible terms even allow individuals with bad credit to get quick loans online, with no guarantor required. Apply today for quick money loans and find your financial resolution.


What is a Quick Loan Online?

A quick loan from Payday Loans Net is exactly what it says it is: a quick money loan that you can receive fast, alleviating any financial difficulties you may be experiencing. Quick loans in the UK allow you to borrow money fast and we at Payday Loans Net offer the very best quick loans available. We provide you with an instant quick payday loans decision, with the ability to pay you on the very same day. Typically, quick loans in the UK online are used to cover urgent, unanticipated expenses, maintenance costs, or unexpected bills. We allow you to apply for quick loans online even if you have bad credit, so don’t let your financial history put you off from applying. Quick payday loans in the UK are an excellent option if you need instant cash and wish to borrow a small amount of money that you are able to pay off in the short term.

How Do Quick Loans in The UK Work?

Our quick loan application process is exceptionally simple. All you need to do is fill out our 3-minute-long application form, before you receive a decision on your quick loan application. You will receive this decision within 90 seconds of applying, and if approved, you can expect the money to reach your account within the hour!

FAQ’s about our Quick Loans

How Fast Will The Quick Easy Loan Be Paid Into My Account?

We aren’t messing around when we say these are quick loans online. Our quick payday loans in the UK can reach your account within an hour, making these the best quick loans you can find. With an online application processes taking a mere 3 minutes to complete, we can offer you an instant decision on our quick payday loans, any time, any day. It should be noted that we cannot guarantee same day pay out if you apply after 4pm or outside of business hours, which is why you should apply for quick loans online now if you want the best chance of receiving it ASAP.

Do You Offer Quick Loans For Bad Credit?

We do not discriminate when it comes to our applicant approval process, which is why we offer quick cash loans in the UK, even if your credit history is far from perfect. We firmly stand by the belief that bad credit history should not penalise anyone from getting quick payday loans in the UK. Your financial past is by no means any definition of you, and we like to take a personable approach when it comes to this. Through the application of advanced technology, we are enabled with the ability to look past low credit scores or poor credit history when assessing your quick easy loan application. We also know that your time is highly important, so we do not want to waste it. Our application process asks only for basic information about you, allowing us to assess your current affordability before we provide you with an instant quick payday loan decision. Apply for quick loans today, regardless of your credit score.

Will I Need a Guarantor For a Quick Payday Loan?

Absolutely not. Here at Payday Loans Net, our quick loans online are no-guarantor loans. We know the hassle and stress that finding a guarantor can involve, and we want to ensure that quick loans online remain quick! Rather than insisting you find a guarantor and slowing down the entire process, we allow you to apply without one. Even if you have a poor credit score, you don’t need to worry. We can provide you with quick money loans, guarantor, and hassle free.

Can I Get a Quick Loan Online With No Credit Check?

Although your credit score is not an elemental factor of whether you are or aren’t eligible for a quick loan in the UK online, as a responsible direct lender, we carry out credit checks on all applicants. Credit checks are not carried out to harm you in any way. In fact, quite the opposite. We wish to protect you from any unaffordable debt, so you can pay off your quick loans in the UK without causing further financial damage to yourself. As a responsible quick payday loans lender, we would also advise you to be cautious and particularly wary of lenders that are offering quick loans in the UK with no credit checks. If they do not offer a credit check, it is likely that may not be following the Financial Conduct Authority guidelines. There is no need to worry – here at Payday Loans Net we specialise in bad credit quick loans online and we are able to look at far more than your credit score when assessing your application for eligibility.

Can I Get a Quick Loan if I am Unemployed or On Benefits?

Facing unemployment can be one of the most stressful elements from a financial perspective. If you are unemployed or receiving benefits of any sort, we may well be able to help you. As long as you have the ability to prove you can adequately manage the monthly quick payday loan repayments on time, your employment status and whether you are on benefits is an irrelevant factor. Our primary concern when lending quick loans in the UK is that all borrowers can afford the loan they are taking. We care for all of our customers, which is why we ensure that you are not taking our quick loans online that you are unable to keep up with the payments of.

Why Get Quick Loans Online from Payday Loans Net?

When applying for quick loans online from Payday Loans Net, we make the process exceptionally straightforward. Our easy application process for quick payday loans only takes 3 minutes to fill out. Furthermore, you can receive an instant decision on our quick easy loans in just 90 seconds! Once approved for your loan, you can expect the money to reach your bank account an hour after you have been approved. As a direct lender, we provide quick payday loans by cutting out the middleman. Everything from application to pay out is done by us. This gives you support and privacy in this stressful time. Unlike a broker, we do not hand your information out to any third parties, so you can rest assured that your critical data and private information remains safe with us. You also get the support of a UK based staff who can understand and accommodate your needs. We care for all of our customers, so apply for quick loans online today with Payday Loans Net and get the best possible service, alleviating your financial worries.

Quick Loan in The UK Online Eligibility

Quick payday loans in the UK allow you to alleviate any financial pressure you may be having. Payday Loans Net now has the option of paying back quick easy loans for over 1 – 6 months.

As a direct lender based in the UK who specialises in quick and easy loans for bad credit, there are certain criteria you must adhere to. To get quick cash loans in the UK from us, you must:

  • • Reside in the UK
  • • Have a UK bank account
  • • Have a steady income

If you have any queries or problems that you cannot resolve on the phone, we have an English address which is open during work hours. Feel free to contact us today and resolve any financial problems you may be experiencing.

Representative example

Total amount of credit: £500
Duration of the agreement: 4 months
Repayment total: £863.24
Interest is fixed at rate of 270.10% per year – 0.8% interest per day | Representative 997% APR
Instalment 1
Instalment 2 & 3
Instalment 4
Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go moneyhelper.org.uk