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Looking for no credit check loans? Apply for loans with no credit, or bad credit from Payday Loans Net!

We are an FCA authorised direct lender offering payday loans in the UK. We have a high acceptance rate for people with bad credit. Apply today for loan amounts of up to £2000 and receive an instant decision.

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No Credit Check Loans from Direct Lenders

Many borrowers prefer loans from a direct lender as it provides the security of knowing what is happening at every stage of the application process. Moreover, brokers cannot always offer the same level of confidentiality. Some direct lenders will agree to lend to people with no credit history at all, as long as they can prove that they’ll manage to repay the lender despite the high interest rates.

Do you provide no credit check loans with no guarantors?

Loans without a credit check or guarantor are known as unsecured loans. With Payday Loans Net you do not need a guarantor to secure your loan. With no third party involved to slow down the application process, you can get a payday loan on the same day, once approved! We have developed advanced affordability assessment technology to enable credit for people with poor credit history. Apply today for a safer alternative to loans with no guarantor or credit checks in the UK, even if you have poor credit.

Should I get bad credit loans with no credit check?

Someone with a less-than-good credit history will often prefer to get a loan with no checks. This supposedly means that the lender does not check the applicant’s credit file which makes these loans theoretically easier to get. The problem is that they aren’t likely to be legal. Therefore, if a lender is offering no credit history loans, they are not authorised by the FCA, and not bound by their rules. This could result in the lender charging exorbitant interest rates and using unpleasant means to get their money back. Even if you don’t have a good credit score, there are direct lenders like PDNET who offer a high chance of approval.

Payday Loans with No Credit Check

As part of the payday loan process, FCA authorised and regulated lenders check the applicant’s credit file and assess how they have managed finances in the past. New payday lenders like PDNET use more than one credit reference agency to increase your chance of approval. Be aware that even if lenders offer payday loans with no credit check, all regulated lenders carry out checks to see if you can afford to borrow money. Unregulated lenders will not be on the financial services register and you shouldn’t trust them with your bank account details.

What is the advantage of short term loans?

Unlike long term loans, short term loans are only for a small period, for an emergency or unexpected expense. Different lenders have different terms and conditions, but generally a short term loan is repayable over 1-6 months. This enables borrowers to repay the loan in short installments, without amassing huge amounts of interest.

Can I get a £100 loan without a credit check?

Research shows that people are commonly looking for a £1000, £500, £100 and £50 loan with no credit check. You can get an alternative for small amounts, so why not opt for that option instead? Furthermore, small loans without credit checks will often be more expensive than regular loans. An example of an amount of credit from illegal lenders would have an interest rate of 827%. We offer loans of £200 – £2000, and you can repay early with no extra fee if you realise you borrowed too much.

No credit check loans alternatives in the UK

Borrowing money online may have an important impact on your financial stability. If you are concerned about your credit rating, there are other loans available for low credit scores. We’ve listed some other options below.

  • Bad credit loans – These are designed specifically with low credit applications in mind. PDNET’s loans for bad credit are easily accessible from any online device in the UK.

  • Short term loans UK – When you are borrowing money for a short period of time, there is less of a risk for the lender, and there is often a higher chance of acceptance.

  • Guarantor loans – Once you have someone to guarantor your loan, there is a backup plan if you cannot manage repayments. This also involves less of a risk for lenders.

No Credit Check Loans with Instant Decision

Instant loans are helpful when taking out payday loans online. At Payday Loans Net, we understand that our borrowers need a loan quickly, and we do our best to provide it. While we don’t offer instant loans with no credit check, we still accept applications when your credit score is less than perfect. After you apply, you will be notified whether you qualify for an instant approval, if your application is in review, or if it was declined. Once approved, we use faster payment technology to help you to receive the loan on the same day.

Can I get guaranteed payday loans with no credit check

No, here’s why. Guaranteed payday loans refer to a loan with guaranteed approval. This would be helpful for borrowers and would save time running from lender to lender. However, UK lenders are required by the FCA to carry out various credit checks and affordability assessments on borrowers. Therefore, they cannot offer guaranteed loans. By doing so, they aimed to improve payday loans in the UK.

What are doorstep loans with no check?

Doorstep loans have been in the news recently, as they often lead to predatory lending. Picture the scene: A vulnerable person is approached by a representative for home collection loans for with no credit check. The individual is up to their neck in unpaid bills and could do with some extra cash. Obviously, the potential borrower cannot make a logical decision under pressure. For this reason, there are plans of tightening the regulations for door to door loans with no credit check.

Are you ready for a better alternative?

When used correctly, cash loans from a direct lender in the UK can help you to get to your wage day. Take care to ensure that your lender who is offering no credit score loans online is FCA authorised. With Payday Loans Net, you can borrow with confidence. We are authorised by the FCA and still have a high acceptance rate for people with poor credit. If you need to borrow money online and you want a quick decision, apply with us. Our loans are quicker than 15 minute loans. With PDNET you get a decision instantly!

FAQ’s About No Credit Check Loans

Where can I get a no credit check loan?

Several lenders offer loans with no credit check at steep interest rates both in person and online. However, these lenders are probably unsafe as they do not perform comprehensive credit and affordability assessments. Click here to apply for a safe no credit check loan alternative with Payday Loans Net.

Why are no credit check loans unsafe?       

No credit check loans are unsafe as a credit score helps lenders assess how applicants have borrowed money in the past. A reasonable credit score indicates a healthy relationship with borrowing money. By checking credit scores, lenders ensure funding a loan to an applicant won’t cause them unmanageable financial trouble. Companies offering loans without these precautions do not have your financial safety in mind.

Can I get bad credit loans with no credit check?

Yes, but it’s not a safe option. If you have a poor credit score, you might be worried that you won’t qualify for a standard loan. Don’t worry, you can get an alternative to bad credit loans no credit check with Payday Loans Net. We have a high acceptance rate for all types of credit scores. Click here to apply now.

Written by: Olly Landsman
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