You can get a loan for up to £2000 today! Payday Loans Net is a direct lender, fully authorised by the FCA. Apply online now for no guarantor loans direct from us even if your credit score is far from perfect. We can give you a loan decision within 90 seconds, and if approved, a same-day payout.

How Can I Apply for a Loan From Payday Loans Net?

To apply for a PDNET loan, simply go to our website from any device with internet access and fill out your details on our online application form. Once you have applied, we process your application and give you an instant decision. If approved, you can have your money in your bank account on the same day. To qualify for a loan with us, you need to be 18 years of age, and live in the UK.

Here you will find answers to the following questions, and more

What are Loans Direct?

Looking for a UK short-term loan can be daunting especially when you are faced with technical terms that you can’t differentiate, such as ‘payday loans direct lender bad credit’ or ‘loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees direct lender. That seems like an awful lot of adjectives to describe something so seemingly simple. Many different terms are in fact the same despite looking different. Loans direct is merely a term to describe a wage day advance UK or payday loan from a direct lender.

What Does A Direct Loan Lender Do?

So, are loans direct just loans from a direct lender? There are two types of payday loan lenders: A direct lender and a broker:

Loans Direct from a Lender Loans from a Broker
A direct lender deals with your application directly but harder to get if you have bad credit as they try to lower the risk factor of customers not repaying. Your application to a broker or a panel of lenders means they find you one even if you have a bad credit score but often with a broker fee

What are the Benefits of Payday Loans Direct?

There are a lot of benefits associated with using payday loans direct lender as opposed to a broker. The broker fee is the first reason, using a broker cannot be free from fee because that is their business.

Secondly, the broker shares your details with all the lenders they connect you with and even some independent brokers and lenders. This could result in a lot of unwanted phone calls, texts and spam emails. Working with best loans direct from a lender avoids these issues and can guarantee you better communication with your lender. (Read our privacy policy on how we safeguard your personal data.)

What are loans direct with no guarantor from a lender?

You may see lenders that offer loans for bad credit no guarantor, no fees direct lender and wonder what it means. A guarantor can represent you if your default in payment. It is, therefore, less risky to the direct lenders and often has a cheaper APR. However, guarantor loans direct is not possible for a lot of people, so they search instead for no guarantor. It is harder to get loans direct for bad credit no guarantor because of the risks attached, but it is possible.

Where can I find loans direct reviews?

There are many review sites available to check if a direct loans lender is good for your needs and if their previous customers were contempt with the service they received. For example, Trustpilot and Which? should include reviews of a loans direct company for you to observe. Consider what the people are saying and not star rating as that gives you a better feel for their experience.

Does Payday Loans Net offer instant decision on direct loans?

Yes we do. We understand that if you’re taking a payday loan, you probably want it very soon. With Payday Loans Net, all you need to do is fill out our easy online application form, and you’ll receive an instant loan decision. If approved, we aim to fund the money into your bank account on the same day. Although fairly new, Payday Loans Net has rapidly grown into a responsible lender choice for people who need the money urgently.

Can I get a direct loan with bad credit?

Bad credit does not deter us from considering you for our direct loans. This is because we don’t only take into account your credit score but also your current financial situation. If we believe you are in a financial position where it will be possible for you to repay your loan, then we delighted to accept your for out direct loans even with bad credit.

Are Online Loans Direct Legit?

All online payday direct lenders should mention on their website whether they are a broker or a direct lender. If this is unclear, this is a big sign that the online payday loans lender is, in fact, a loan shark. However, how do you recognise if they are reputable and legal UK first direct lender?

First, it is essential to check whether the lender has an FCA authorisation number. You must be able to click on the number though to verify it isn’t fake. If it appears as an image, it is most likely to be illegal as it is not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). A Financial Conduct Authority registration number that you can click on clarifies if the loans direct UK lender is registered and is legal in the UK.

Are Direct Loans Guaranteed?

No direct lender can claim there is a 100% acceptance guaranteed because all responsible direct lenders must perform affordability and credit checks. Affordability and credit checks help the direct lender evaluate whether the borrower will be able to pay back the loan direct. We believe it is ethically wrong to lend direct loans with no credit check as it is likely to push borrowers into debt. It is, however, illegal too under the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our Loans Direct Promise

Payday Loans Net stands for fairness! We try to give everyone an equal chance, while still operating within the framework of the FCA’s reguations and guidelines. So, if you want a payday loan from a direct lender with bad credit, it’s worth trying PDNET. We will do our best to provide your loan. We offer loans of £200 – £2000 over 1 – 6 months, and give an instant loan decision. Once approved, we’ll send you the money on the same day.

Instant decision. Fast funding. Same day loans from a direct lender who cares.

Written by: Tracy Walter
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