Mother’s were asked to share how they would like to spend their mother’s day. Payday Loans Net reveals the most popular Mothers day ideas. Read on and discover what you mum really wants on Mothers day.

What is Mother’s Day?

On the 31st March 2019, the UK will be celebrating all the mums in our society. This day is called Mother’s day. Mothers day is an opportunity to shower our mums with love and gratitude. Show your mum how much you care by doing something for her that she would like.

Mothers Day Ideas – Give Your Mum Something She Really Wants

If Mother’s day is all about your mum, then why not ask her how she would like to spend the day, after all, doesn’t mum know best?! Some items on the list will surprise you and rest assured – some won’t even cost you a penny! Read on for some great Mothers day ideas straight from your mum…

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  1. Sleep longer in the morning

  2. How to do it: This shouldn’t cost you a penny. If there are younger kids around, hubby should be there to look after them in the morning and take them out to the park to keep the noise levels down in the house. If mum has older kids at home, they can take part in this project of letting their mum sleep in; they should prepare breakfast in bed for her when she wakes up.

  3. A nice steak dinner when the kids are in bed (served hot!)

  4. How to do it: Make sure the kids are in bed nice and early with warnings of “no coming out of bed”! Dad, get into the kitchen with your favourite apron and cook up the best steak dinner for mum. Don’t all men love cooking up a good piece of steak? Well then, count this day as a celebration for you also!

  5. A hot bath in peace

  6. How to do it: Let mum feel like a lady of leisure and enjoy a purely relaxing experience. Buy some sweet smelling soaps and bath salts. When you prepare the bath, be sure to add plenty of bubbles and neatly place 5-10 candles around the room for a truly luxurious look. Make sure no one will disturb mum and encourage her not to take her phone along. When she comes out the bath, have a clean and warm soft towel waiting.

  7. A homemade card

  8. How to do it: Most mums appreciate the work that goes into making a homemade card. Buying a card from your local card shop surely does not have that same touch. Get your crafty materials out and create the card that will have your mum dazzled. There’s nothing compared to a personalised card, lovingly designed yourself. On top of that, you’ll feel great for being able to celebrate Mother’s day without requring a wage day loan.

  9. A walk with the family (without any bickering)!

  10. How to do it: Organise Mother’s day a week in advance to make sure all family members can participate. Remind them in advance that this day out will be centred around mum so they can bring activities along that they know mum will enjoy. Spending a day with the family should not cost much and will be enjoyed by all.

  11. Hugs and Cuddles

  12. How to do it: No need to show you how to give your mum lots of hugs and cuddles on this day… just as many as she wants!

  13. A clean house

  14. How to do it: Kids from the ages of 5 to 70 can join in the adventure of cleaning the house for mum. Ensure mum keeps out the way with all that splashing going on around the house. Perhaps send her for a massage or manicure while the kids get to work. There should be one person in charge to delegate the jobs to everyone and to make sure everything is done. Before mum returns, organise and put away all the cleaning materials.


    Mother’s day is meant to be a day your mum will enjoy. If none of these Mothers day ideas appeal to you, maybe ask your mum how she wants her day to be like or look up for some great ideas. The 7 ideas presented here have a bonus; most of them will not cost you a penny to implement, so it will save you having to resort to getting a short-term money loan to help you celebrate your mum.

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