With mobile phones racking up a big enough bill at the end of the month, are you sure you still need a home phone? Find out the pros and cons of getting rid of your house phone and tips for keeping the bill down if you keep it with Payday Loans Net.

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Since the advent of mobile phones, emails and social media, many people rarely use their home phones any more. If this is the case in your household, is it really worth keeping your landline? Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of it entirely and save all that money on bills? Here we’ve asked our experts to weigh up the pros and cons of having a landline. If you decide that your home phone is necessary expenditure, we continue by explaining some ways to keep your home phone bills to the absolute minimum and avoid same day loans UK.

Is it Worth Keeping your Home Phone?


One reason you should keep your landline is if you pay for it as part of a package bundled together with TV, mobile, etc. Also, some companies specify that you must have a landline to receive broadband. Another advantage of a home phone is that it can boost credit applications because, along with being on the electoral roll, it shows you have a fixed address. Finally, making calls abroad from a landline is significantly cheaper than from a mobile.


Without a landline, you will immediately make savings on the cost of the line rental charges; this is, on average, £18 per month. Mobile providers offer much better deals on packages with more calls and fewer restrictions. Even without a home phone, you could make use of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) such as Skype to speak to family and friends who live abroad for free. Finally, without a home phone, you’ll have much fewer nuisance calls (including cold callers) wasting your time as they’re much easier to block from a mobile.

How to Reduce your Home Phone Bills

If, after reflection, you believe that the pros outweigh the cons and that a home phone is convenient for you to contact others or be contacted, there are many ways to slash the money that you pay every month. Let’s consider some of them.

  1. Analyse your Landline Usage
  2. One of the reasons householders pay too much for their landline is that they’re on the wrong package. For example, they’re paying extra for calls at times they never use the phone. You should analyse your phone bill and see when you use your home phone most frequently and find a tailor-made package to suit you.

    Also, check whether you have extras like caller ID, call waiting or call forwarding. Do you really need them? Cancelling them can reduce your phone bill.

    Are you paying separately for landline/broadband, digital TV, etc. from rival companies? If so, it might be much cheaper to bundle all of these services together and get a discount from one provider.

  3. Switch Provider
  4. If you have been with the same phone provider for years, it might be time to change. Consult at least two price comparison sites and use the information you’ve gained from an analysis of your home phone usage to find the best deal. Even after finding something from a rival company, it might be worth going back to your old provider to see if they will match, or offer an even better price to the deal you’ve received.

  5. Understand the Terms & Conditions of your Landline Deal

  6. A complete understanding of what your monthly landline deal covers can help you make many savings. You should know when the peak/off-peak times are to make calls. Although this traditionally used to be 6am-6pm, many companies have changed this to 7am-7pm. As far as possible, call for a chat at the off-peak tariff.

    Another reason why bills can be higher than expected is that ‘unlimited calls’ doesn’t always mean what it says. Often there is a 60-minute limit for a single phone call. The best way to get around this restriction is to put down the phone after 59 minutes and call someone back. Also, remember that calls to mobiles aren’t included in this unlimited usage. As unlimited calls from mobiles are more generous and include landlines, make the most of your mobile package and arrange a ‘call-back’ system with loved ones and take turns in paying.

    Finally, avoid calling premium rate numbers (typically beginning with the prefix 0870, 0845 and 0800) as they charge a fortune for a call especially if you’re kept on hold. Find out the landline number for the company/service or try using a different way to contact them. For example, by email.

  7. Use Technology

  8. Apart from using VoIP like Skype, learn about using other technology such as override providers or a web calls service as these can save you a fortune on calls to mobiles, other areas and even abroad. It might seem complicated, but you’ll soon get used to them.

  9. Paying your Bill
  10. Did you know that if you pay by direct debit, you can make savings on your monthly bills?

    Finally, if you are struggling financially and/or you have a disability and rely on your landline, you might be entitled to a social tariff. Every phone provider is slightly different so contact them directly to see if you can get cheaper bills in this way.

    Do you still need a home phone? – Conclusion

    Whether to keep your home phone is a personal decision. It depends on your personal circumstances, your home phone and mobile usage as well as whether you contact relatives and friends by other means. If you decide that you still need a home phone, putting some of these changes into effect will see your monthly bill drop by pounds and keep you far from bad credit payday loans from direct lenders only.

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