Need a Wage day Advance today? With Payday Loans Net you can get up to £2000 today if approved. We are an FCA authorised direct lender who accepts applications with bad credit. Our online application form takes just a few minutes to complete and you will get a instant loan decision. A Wage Day Advance from Payday Loans Net may be just the perfect option for you.

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How can a Wage Day Advance help?

The Wage Day Advance UK is here to bridge the gap between the wage days. Don’t we sometimes wish to receive our paycheck just a few days earlier? Sometimes an emergency can pop up, for example, your car breaks down just a few days before the end of the month. It could work our financially better for you to take a wage day advance, over using taxies and public transport until the end of the month. Payday Loans Net provide wage day advances to help you bridge the gap between your wage days.

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How does the Wage Day Advance application work?

Getting a wage day advance from Payday Loans Net is simple! All you need to do is fill out the online application form which takes just a few minutes of your time and you will get an instant lending decision. Money will reach your account the same day. We are a UK direct lender so your information is kept secure, and we will not pass it on to any other lender without your permission. Interest rates for a wage day loan can be quite high. The FCA have capped it at 0.8% a day. Therefore, be sure to make yourself familiar with when you pay back the loan and any other fees you may have to pay.

Common reasons people use our wage day advance loan is:

  • For unexpected household repairs
  • For emergency medical expenses
  • To pay an overdraft

Can I get a Wage Day Advance with bad credit?

Payday Loans Net offer Wage Day Loans for bad credit. Bad credit loans are designed to help people with poor credit. When we receive a bad credit application, we rather look at the applicant’s income and make a decision based on that as well. When applying for a loan, do not try to hide your credit problem. On the contrary, lenders feel more secure offering loans to people who talk about their credit issue and know they have a problem. The best lenders are here to help you get yourself back on your feet. We know that when you apply for a Wage Day Advance you need it fast, but be sure to do it right.

Are your Wage Day Advance loans approved by the FCA?

Yes they are! Before the FCA regulation was introduced in 2014, some popular lenders took advantage of people looking for a quick wage-day advance loan. The interest rates were extremely high, and people found themselves in tremendous debt after taking a payday loan. With the introduction of the FCA regulations in 2014, the lenders had to cap their loan interest rate at 0.8%, and clients were a lot safer.

With the fully authorised direct lender Payday Loans Net, customers can find safe and affordable Wage Day Advance Loans online at

Wage Day Advance FAQ’s

Are Wage Day Loans UK safe?

Absolutely. Payday Loans Net is registered by the FCA. We are a responsible payday lender in the UK offering Cheap and direct Wage Day Loans UK. We carry out credit checks on all our applicants applying for fast Wage Day Loans UK to make sure they are capable of repaying the direct lender Wage Day Loan UK they have applied for. On top of all this, Payday Loans Net keeps all your personal and private details safe and will never share your details with any other company.

Do Payday Loans Net offer Wage Day Loans with no credit check?

Doing a full credit check on applicants is a legal requirement for payday loan companies. Payday loan companies that offer quick Wage Day Loans with no credit check are illegal in the UK and may be a loan shark so keep clear of them. We care about our applicants, and we want to make sure they are taking out loans responsibly. At Payday Loans Net we offer Wage-Day Advance Loans for people with bad credit. So, have bad credit? Apply Now. You may be approved for an instant Wage Day Advance.

What is a Wage Day Advance Payday Loan?

Some months can be more expensive, and you may require some money before it is time to receive your salary. You can go to your employer and ask for a Wage Day Advance. They may decide to give you your monthly wages early and then you will have money for whatever you need. However, your employer may be unable to give you an instant Wage Day Advance, or they may not approve of giving same day pay-outs Wage Day Advances to their employers. This is where Payday Loans Net can help you with a direct lender Wage Day Advance payday loan. We offer bad credit Wage Day Advance Payday Loans to help you get back on track. When payday rolls around, you can pay back your fast Wage Day Advance Payday Loan and be debt free again.

Can I top up my Wage Day Advance loan?

When you receive a loan, that is the loan you have until you pay it back. Payday Loans Net does not offer its customers to top up their Wage Day Advance loans. Customers who do want to top up their instant decision Wage Day Advance loans UK, must first pay up the loan, and then they are welcome to reapply for another loan. We welcome customers who have been with us before, and there are additional benefits for returning customers. For example, the maximum a returning customer can borrow is up to £2000 if approved, as opposed to the maximum borrowing of £1000 if approved to new customers. So you can not top up your Wage Day Advance loan with us. However, we welcome you to reapply for another Wage Day loan after paying up the previous one.

Wage Day Loan Companies

There are a growing number of Wage Day Loan companies entering the market offering wage day express, wage day loans and payday loans – the list is endless. Each direct lender Wage Day Loan company is set up differently and operate differently with a set of terms and conditions. Getting a wage day loan UK should not be done in a rush. Be sure to evaluate all your options to get the best one for you. If one lender declines you and you need to find another Wage Day Loan, don’t be scared to try another Wage Day Loan company UK. The chances are one lender will grant you a good rate Wage-Day Advance Loan.

Payday Loans Net wagedayadvance
If approved how much can new customers borrow? Up to £700 Up to £500
If approved, how much can existing customers borrow? Up to £2000 Up to £1000
Interest rate 270.10% pa (fixed) 292% pa (fixed)
Representative APR 997% 1294.1%

What alternatives are there to a Wage Day Advance Loan?

When you’re stuck, and you need money, most people go for a quick Wage Day Advance. However, many do not realise that there are other alternatives to getting a payday loan some of which could work out cheaper for you and some which may be more expensive. Explore your options before jumping into taking a direct lender Wage Day Advance loan. Here are some options to help you avoid having to take out an instant decision Wage Day Advance loan:

  • A bank overdraft – There are 2 kinds of bank overdrafts; An arranged overdraft and an unarranged overdraft. An unarranged overdraft will usually work out more expensive than a high acceptance short term loan. It is convenient, and you can just swipe your card with no advance arrangement. An arranged overdraft is when you arrange with your bank a certain amount you can go over.
  • Credit Union – A Credit Union is a non-profit organisation offering loans to its members. To get a loan from a credit union, you need to be a member. Most people when they need an instant Wage Day Advance are not yet members. Therefore they will go for a Wage Day Advance Loan UK rather than becoming a member with a credit union, as it takes time. If you are eligible to join a credit union, it may be a good idea as borrowing from a credit union can work out cheaper than a Wage Day Advance.
  • Borrow from a friend – have friends and family you can borrow from? Family and friends will be more than willing to help you. Be careful not to pressure anyone to lend you money as it can have long-lasting effects on your relationships.

As we can see, there are other options to taking out a Wage Day Advance Loan. Be sure to ask yourself before you take one out, “Is this the best option for me and my situation?”

Wage Day Advance Loans

Wage Day Advance Loans are great for when you need them and can use them responsibly. Payday Loans Net is a fully FCA authorised direct lender offering instant decision Wage Day Advances. Have bad credit? No worries, we try our best to help people with bad credit too. Also, you can apply at any time of day by taking just a few minutes to fill in the online form. We fund up to £2000 if approved, you can have your money in your account on the same day, Sunday – Friday. If you have any questions regarding a Wage Day Advance Loan we offer or regarding any of our other products you can take a look at our FAQ page where there are answers to many commonly asked questions.

Written by: Chloe Winters
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