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Satsuma Loans Alternative


Representative example: Borrow £700 for 5 months. 1st monthly repayment of £235.80, 3 monthly repayments of £235.80, last monthly repayment of £235.90. Total repayment £1,179.10. Interest rate p.a. (fixed) 222.79%. Representative APR 832.04%. Our APR includes all applicable fees. Daily interest is capped at 0.793%.

Although Satsuma has stopped lending, if you are needing a short term loan to cover emergency expenses, at Payday Loans Net we can help you. Any current customers of Satsuma loans can still login to their account, however, any further lending will need alternative options. If you require a loan up to the value of £1,000 and repayments over 3 – 6 months, we can help you with a quick application, fast approval process, and same day cash into your account.

To find out more, read on about our loans like Satsuma and how we can help you even with bad credit. Click apply now to start your application today and resolve your situation fast.


Satsuma Loans Login – How to Find an Alternative Today

As a direct lender of short term payday loans, we can provide the funds you need quickly and conveniently. At Payday Loans Net, we provide an account area users can log in to and check the status of their application in a similar to those with a Satsuma loans login. In most cases, you will get an instant decision on your application after applying and will not have to wait long, but if you are applying overnight or outside of our business hours, you can log in any time to check the status and update any details. Similarly to a Satsuma login account, you can use our account area to:

  • Check your payment schedule
  • Edit your personal details
  • Make payments online

If it’s convenience you are looking for as well as quick cash to resolve your circumstances, we can do both and provide cash the same day into your bank account within hours of being approved. As we are open Sunday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, this also means we can provide 24/7 loans, so whenever you need to apply day or night, you can submit an application and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. If you are wanting same day cash, you will need to ensure your application is submitted before 4:30pm during our opening hours, otherwise this may not be processed until the following working day. Most customers we can help with our loans like Satsuma are satisfied with our fast approval and pay out process, receiving the funds the same day.

Choosing Reliable Loans Like Satsuma

We all know how important it is to stay safe online and using reputable lenders will ensure your personal details are kept secure and responsible lending guidelines are met. At Payday Loans Net, we are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a direct loan lender. We’ll ensure that your application will be treated fairly no matter your credit history, performing credit and affordability checks to ensure the loan is affordable for you. We do not use automated lending decisions and instead take a human approach to each application we receive. This is all whilst providing a fast online service that will help you get the funds you need the same day where possible.

If you used online loans like Satsuma before, it’s important to compare and choose an alternative lender that meets your requirements. Understandably, if you have gotten used to using one lender, changing to another can be inconvenient. The good news is as we are a trusted lender, you’ll find our process is very similar, if not faster than Satsuma loans. We also can help those with poor credit histories, as long as there is plenty of affordability and no current financial difficulties. In a situation where you need emergency funds, we are ready to help.

Bad Credit? Apply Online with Confidence at PDNET

It may seem at times having bad credit will prevent you from borrowing money, but there are lenders like Payday Loans Net who are available when you need them. As an alternative option due to Satsuma payday loans being unable to provide further lending, we can help provide the cash to cover the unexpected if you have a low credit score. We’ve helped applicants with a wide range of credit histories find a loan suitable for their circumstances, so if you need to borrow between £300 – £1,000 that will help you resolve a situation quickly, we are able to help today.

As we need to ensure you can afford the loan, we do not provide no credit check loans and will have to perform credit and affordability checks before approval. However, you can apply with confidence if you do have a bad credit history as we will focus on what you can afford towards the repayments you want. We will decline any application that we feel will not be able to maintain the required repayments, so please ensure our loan options are suitable for your finances. Our commitment to responsible lending ensures that a loan through us will be affordable for you and not cause further strain on your finances. If you can demonstrate your finances are now in a good place than in the past, we could approve your loan today.

Satsuma Loans Alternative FAQs

Are online loans like Satsuma still available?

There are many lenders available that are similar to Satsuma loans, but not all will be FCA approved and trusted sources. You should always be wary of any lenders offering guaranteed loans or 100% acceptance, as it could mean they may charge you fees to apply and higher rates of interest. Through us, as FCA authorised direct lenders, we will always ensure that a loan is right for you and provide transparent terms along the way. You can use our loan calculator before proceeding to see the approximate cost and adjust the repayment term between 3 – 6 months as necessary.

Can I use my Satsuma login details on Payday Loans Net?

No, but you can use similar details when setting up an account through us, as long as the password is unique and separate from your Satsuma loans login. You can still access Satsuma if you are an existing customer and have any current lending with them. For any new application through us, you will have a separate login to check your status and more.

Are alternatives to Satsuma payday loans suitable for the long term?

Loans like Satsuma are a form of payday loan, meaning they should only be used for short term circumstances. This is the same here at Payday Loans Net, so if you require a loan term for longer than 6 months, you will need to look at other options such as a personal loan. Our loans are designed to be repaid between 3 – 6 months so that you can quickly resolve your unexpected expense or emergency bill and not keep hold of the debt longer than necessary. You can use our loan calculator to see if a loan under £1,000 is affordable for you based on these repayment terms.

Can I repay early with Payday Loans Net like Satsuma Loans?

Yes, with us you can repay your loan early just like with Satsuma loans. However, when you ask to repay your loan early, Satsuma will give you a quote valid for 28 days with the 28 days’ interest added on – even if you repay the loan sooner. Through us, all you will need to do is contact us directly and we’ll advise the total to pay without an early repayment fee.

Satsuma Loans Login Vs Payday Loans Net Login

To summarise, we’ve put together a table comparing the features of Payday Loans Net and the Satsuma login areas:

Feature: Satsuma PaydayLoansNet
Check Payment Schedule Yes Yes
Edit details Yes Yes
Make regular payments Yes Yes
Repay early No Yes
Has an app Yes Yes

Aside from the features mentioned above, Payday Loans Net’s defining login area feature is our savings calculator. When you have an existing loan, you can log on at any time and see how much money you can save if you can afford to repay earlier. Not only can you repay your loan in full early, but you can also make smaller payments as you go along to save you money in the long run. We do not charge any early repayment fees, so if you can afford to do so, please let us know.

If you’re looking for a flexible alternative to Satsuma loans online, apply now and see how quickly we can process a loan for you. If approved, we’ll transfer the funds directly to your bank account the same day.

If you have any questions about our alternative to Satsuma payday loans, please contact us with your query and we’ll be happy to help. If you need any further advice relating to financial difficulties you may be experiencing, please visit Money Helper for more information and impartial advice.


About Satsuma Payday Loans

Satsuma stopped lending on 10th May 2021. Satsuma was part of the Provident Financial Group which has been in business for over 135 years, giving them lots of experience in consumer lending. As they are no longer able to provide short term lending options, our alternative loans can be ideal for covering unexpected expenses.

Apply for Online Loans like Satsuma

To apply today, you will need to meet the following requirements and be at least 18 years old:

  • Reside in the UK
  • Have a UK bank account
  • Have a steady income

Please note that meeting these eligibility criteria does not guarantee you will be approved. We will need to perform credit and affordability checks first and ensure the loan you require can be maintained.

Representative example of a loan with Payday Loans Net

Total amount of credit: £500
Duration of the agreement: 4 months
Repayment total: £863.24
Interest is fixed at rate of 270.10% per year – 0.8% interest per day | Representative 997% APR
Instalment 1
Instalment 2 & 3
Instalment 4
Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go