Searching for the Piggy Bank login page? Although PiggyBank has been banned from offering loans online, existing customers can still manage their loans using the Piggybank login. Here, we take a look at some of the leading features Piggy Bank have in their login area. We’ve also collected the most commonly asked questions about Piggy Bank’s online login so all your queries are answered in one place.

Piggy Bank Loans Login features:

When logged in to your Piggy Bank account, you can:

  • Check your payment schedule
  • Edit your personal details
  • Make payments online

On a scale of ‘Very Easy’ to ‘Very Hard’, Piggy Bank’s login area was ranked ‘Easy’ to access. To log in to Piggy Bank, all you need to do is click on the green ‘MY PIGGYBANK LOG IN’ button on the top-right side of their website.

FAQ’s about Piggy Bank’s Login Area

Do I still need to pay my Piggybank loan?

Yes. Even though the company has ceased all new lending activity, loans that were borrowed still need to be paid back. Even if you are planning on filing a complaint against Piggybank, you still need to repay your loan before complaining to the company. The FOS is no longer taking claims for Piggybank, seeing as they are in Administration.

Will I still be able to access my account during the Administration?

Yes. Shane Biddlecombe and Gordon Johnston – the appointed administrators – will continue to provide access to the login area so that you can still see upcoming payments and make payments online.

Can I complain about Piggybank Online?

Yes. If you’ve had a loan with Piggybank that you believe you deserve compensation for, you can still make a complaint. All existing customers will have received an email from the Administrators with a link to an online portal where you can make your complaint. Please note the FOS and CMCs will not accept claims for Piggybank since they went into Administration.

Just be aware that, even if your complaint is successful, the redress you receive will be much smaller than your claim amount.

Piggy Bank’s Login Vs PaydayLoansNet Login

To summarise, we’ve put together a table comparing the features of Piggy Bank and PaydayLoansNet’s login areas:

Feature: Piggy Bank PaydayLoansNet
Check Payment Schedule Yes Yes
Edit details Yes Yes
Make regular payments Yes Yes
Repay early No Yes
Has an app No Yes

Whereas Piggybank has gone into Administration after a flood of complaints, PaydayLoansNet was launched after FCA caps came into place in 2015 to make pay day loans safe. Now that Piggy-bank no longer offers loans online, you can apply for a fast and flexible payday loan with PaydayLoansNet instead.

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About Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank is a trading name of DJS UK. They used to offer loans between £100 and £1,000 over 7 – 35 days. On 5th December 2019, PiggyBank went into Administration after being banned from lending by the FCA. The ban, coupled with a deluge of complaints, is thought to have brought about the company’s demise.

A representative example of a Piggy Bank Loan

The total amount of credit: £250
Duration of the agreement: 30 days
Repayment total: £310
Interest is fixed at a rate of 292% per year | Representative 1270% APR