Looking for no credit check loans? Payday Loans Net offers an excellent and safe alternative! We have a very high acceptance rate for applicants with bad credit. Apply today for up to £1,000 and receive an instant decision. If approved, money can be in your account in just 1 hour!


What are No Credit Check Loans?

No credit check loans are loans from a lender who does not perform a search on your credit file before funding you the money. No credit check loans can be a large or small amount over a short- or long-term period. However, the defining feature of loans without a credit check is the fact that your credit report remains unopened. Many people with poor credit or thin credit files search for no check loans because they believe they are more likely to be approved. On the other hand, no credit check also means the lender isn’t checking if you can afford the loan, so it is much riskier for the borrower.

What is a Credit Check?

A credit check is when a lender reviews your credit profile which has information about your current financial situation and how you’ve used credit in the past. Lenders perform a credit check online to assess whether you have handled credit responsibly before and how likely you are to pay back credit on time. This helps the lender decide how risky it would be to lend money to you, which influences if you will be approved for a loan and the interest rates that you will get charged.


Can I Get Payday Loans with No Credit Check?

Yes, you can. There are several lenders and brokers on the market who advertise payday loans no credit check. However, if these lenders are FCA authorised they are really offering soft search loans rather than payday loans without a credit check. The lender will perform a more general soft search on your credit report rather than a detailed “hard search”. Soft check loan inquiries do not impact your credit report or credit score, and other lenders can’t see the inquiry. However, lenders who offer soft search loans usually use this as a preliminary way to check if you would qualify for a loan with them or not. If you want to accept their loan offer, they will perform a hard search on your credit file before funding you the money.

Are Payday Loans from a Direct Lender with No Credit Check Legal in the UK?

No. Payday lenders offering real no credit check loans (not just soft search loans) are not regulated by the FCA and are illegal and unsafe. Credit checks help responsible lenders ensure that their loans will not seriously damage your finances. Although payday loans with no credit check and no brokers may seem like a very convenient product, these lenders do not have your best interests in mind. For your safety, you should always choose an FCA-regulated lender when you need to borrow money.

No Credit Check Loan Alternatives from a Direct Lender

No credit check loans from direct lenders are illegal and unsafe products. If you are concerned about your credit rating, there are other loan options available for low credit scores. At Payday Loans Net, we specialise in helping people with poor credit scores obtain the funds they need. With our high acceptance rates and big-picture approach to affordability, we’ve helped many customers access the money they needed quickly and safely. We’ve listed some alternatives to no credit check loans from direct lenders below:

  • Bad credit loans – These are designed specifically for applicants with low credit scores. PDNET’s loans for bad credit have very high acceptance rates and are easily accessible from any online device in the UK.

  • Short term loans – When you are borrowing money for a short period of time, there is less of a risk for the lender, and there is often a higher chance of acceptance, even if you have poor credit.

  • Guarantor loans – Once you have someone to act as a guarantor for your loan, there is a backup plan if you cannot manage repayments. This makes lending you money less of a risk for lenders and can increase your chances of acceptance


Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor and No Credit Check

At PDNET, all of our loans are unsecured, so you will never need a guarantor to cosign on a loan. As a safe lender, we do not offer loans with no credit check because we perform credit checks for your security. We need to make sure that borrowing credit won’t damage your financial stability. However, we place much more emphasis on your overall financial picture rather than just your credit score to assess if our loans are a good fit for you. So, if you’ve got bad credit, you don’t need to look for questionable bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check. PDNET is a fully authorised direct lender with high acceptance rates for customers with bad credit!

Instant Loans with No Credit Check

Many people searching for no credit check loans with an instant decision need cash quickly. You might think that instant loans with no credit check will save you time, as you can skip the paperwork and affordability assessments and get money quickly. However, it won’t save you much time in the long run. Same day loans with no credit check are illegal in the UK and lenders offering these products are unsafe. They might not ask for too much information up front, but they definitely don’t have your best interests in mind. With no one regulating these loans, interest can be sky high, and if you struggle to make repayments, your lender may not be so flexible. Some may even make threats to harm you or your loved ones if you don’t pay up.

Authorised lenders like PDNET offer same day funding at no extra cost with a quick affordability check to make sure our loans are the right fit for you. You can get the money funded into your account within the hour and rest assured that you are dealing with a safe and authorised lender. Apply now and receive an instant lending decision!

Finding a Safe Lender- Beware of Loan Sharks Online!

When applying for loans online, it’s essential to make sure you’re dealing with a safe and authorised lender. Shady lenders, called loan sharks, prey on unsuspecting customers and those who are desperate for credit. There are many loan sharks online who might offer cash loans with no credit check or “payday loans no questions asked”. These offers can sound very tempting, especially if you have very bad credit and are desperate for a loan.

Nevertheless, these loan shark loans are not regulated and can be very dangerous – especially if you have trouble making repayments on time. Loan sharks are notorious for their intimidating debt collection practices and will not be flexible if you are struggling financially. Learn to spot and avoid loan shark loans online with these tips:

  • FCA License Number – Always look for an FCA permission license number on the website. Double check the license number on the FCA register. Loan sharks and other scammers often use fake license numbers or license numbers of other companies to appear legitimate. Make sure that the license number matches the company name and other details.
  • A Secure Website – look for the padlock symbol next to the website URL
  • A working phone number with helpful customer service – any lender that you are considering applying with should be easy to contact and willing to answer any questions you might have about their loans. If they evade your questions or give vague, unclear answers and pressure you to apply for a loan, stay away!

FAQ’s about our No Credit Check Loans

Where can I get a no credit check loan?

Several lenders offer loans with no credit check at steep interest rates both in person and online. However, these lenders are probably unsafe as they do not perform comprehensive credit and affordability assessments. Luckily, you can find safe alternatives with excellent approval rates here at Payday Loans Net. Submit your application now and get a decision in just 90 seconds!

I need cash loans with no credit check. Can PDNET help?

Fast cash loans with no credit check are not an FCA authorized product, so Payday Loans Net recommends avoiding them. Payday Loans Net offers great alternatives to cash loans with no credit check that are safe, fast, and have high approval rates for people with all types of credit. We specialise in helping people with poor credit get the instant cash injections they need in a safe and secure way.

Can I get pay weekly loans with no credit check?

Yes, there are lenders who offer pay weekly loans with no credit check. However, these products are not authorised by the FCA and any lenders offering them are likely unsafe. Payday Loans Net offers an excellent alternative with affordable rates and very high acceptance, which you can pay monthly. Apply now and receive an instant lending decision!

Can I get a £100 loan with no credit check from PDNET?

Payday Loans Net is an FCA authorised lender, so we don’t offer £100 payday loans with no credit check. We have several great alternatives designed for people with poor credit that have very high acceptance rates! We offer loans from £500 because we want our customers to have the amount they really need from the start, so they don’t have to borrow again and again. There are no early repayment fees so you can pay back money early and save on interest! Click here to apply now!

What are guaranteed loans with no credit check?

Guaranteed loans with no credit check are loans which a lender guarantees they will approve you for without checking your credit file. These products may sound good as you won’t have to go through an approval process, but they are illegal and unsafe. Loan sharks may advertise guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders with no credit check, but they often charge exorbitant interest rates. Furthermore, they will not check if you can afford such a costly loan, and they will demand repayments on time even if you are experiencing financial difficulties. Guaranteed payday loans with no credit check are not recommended.

Which loans are easy to get approved for?

If you have bad credit you might be worried that it will be hard to get approved for credit when you need it. Don’t worry. Payday Loans Net’s bad credit loans are designed for people with poor credit and have excellent approval rates. We emphasize affordability over your credit score, so we’ll take your entire financial picture into account when reviewing your application. Our simple application form takes just a couple minutes to fill out. Apply now and if approved, you’ll receive the money in your account in just 1 hour!

Can I get credit builder loans with no credit check?

Loans with no credit check are not legal and will not help you build your credit score. A better option would be to borrow a small loan from an FCA authorised lender like PDNET and make repayments on time (or early at no extra cost!) Using credit responsibly helps build your credit file and shows lenders that you are creditworthy.

Payday Loans with No Credit Check

As part of the payday loan process, FCA authorised and regulated lenders check the applicant’s credit file and assess how they have managed finances in the past. New payday lenders like PDNET use more than one credit reference agency to increase your chance of approval. Be aware that even if lenders offer payday loans with no credit check, all regulated lenders carry out checks to see if you can afford to borrow money. Unregulated lenders will not be on the financial services register and you shouldn’t trust them with your bank account details.

Representative example

Total amount of credit: £500
Duration of the agreement: 4 months
Repayment total: £863.24
Interest is fixed at rate of 270.10% per year – 0.8% interest per day | Representative 997% APR
Instalment 1
Instalment 2 & 3
Instalment 4