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£400 Loans


Representative example: Borrow £700 for 5 months. 1st monthly repayment of £235.80, 3 monthly repayments of £235.80, last monthly repayment of £235.90. Total repayment £1,179.10. Interest rate p.a. (fixed) 222.79%. Representative APR 832.04%. Our APR includes all applicable fees. Daily interest is capped at 0.793%.

Are you experiencing financial difficulties? Are you unsure what to do or where to turn? Financial problems can hit any of us at any point in time, so ensuring you have the means to cover any short term costs is essential to living a comfortable life. Payday Loans Net can provide £400 loans to alleviate any financial pressure you may be experiencing.

Although a 400 pound loan may not feel like a lot to some, any amount of cash can help those who are facing urgent monetary problems. Be it a £300 loan, a £600 loan, or somewhere in between like a £400 loan, we at Payday Loans Net do all we can to help you through to your next payday. Read on and follow the simple application process to get started and combat your financial crisis today.


Benefits of £400 Instant Loans

If you are looking for a £400 payday loan to help you through hard times, you have come to the right place. The 400 pound loans we offer are part of the payday loan services we offer. If you apply for a £400 instant loan, please bear in mind that this option should be reserved for,emergency situations and, as such, should never be relied on to stem long-term cashflow problems. If you are experiencing longer term financial difficulties, think carefully if applying for a £400 payday loan is the right option for you. The last thing we want is for you to take out a 400 pound loan with us, only to find yourself in a worse financial position down the line.

Our £400 payday loans, as the name suggests, are designed to resolve pressing financial matters that can’t wait until payday. Generally, you will pay back your 400 pound loan over a short duration on a monthly basis. The great advantage of our £400 payday loans is the fact that approval is instantaneous if you are successfully approved.

Why Take Out a £400 Instant Loan?

Think carefully why you wish to take out a £400 instant loan before you continue with the application process. We at Payday Loans Net have a wide variety of individuals coming to us for a multitude of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons applicants come to us for a £400 loan include:

  • Pay reduction or job loss: In times of economic turmoil, maintaining employment can be challenging, and a decrease in hours and wages may become a necessity.

  • Household repairs: A broken washing machine, faulty central heating system or a leaking roof; homeowners are likely to encounter at least one of these expenses or something similar at one point or another.

  • Car maintenance: Those who rely on their cars for work or family obligations cannot afford to let their upkeep go unchecked.

  • Medical emergencies: Thankfully, the NHS provides us with free healthcare whenever we need it. But what if you have an accident abroad? What about urgent dental work? Or even vet’s bills? Health costs for the entire family can often make a massive dent in savings.

  • Elevated bills: Perhaps one or more of the above unpleasant surprises have hit you hard this month, or for whatever reason, your heating, electricity or water rates have shot up unexpectedly.

Why Choose Payday Loans Net For £400 Loans?

With many online lenders available, why should you choose Payday Loans Net as your direct lender?

We are passionate about what we do at Payday Loans Net and put the welfare of our customers first. We only grant 400 pounds loans to those who we deem are in a financial position to pay back the loan within the specified timeframe. Honest, transparent, and upfront, we consistently give our customers of £400 loans the very best service.

We also have the ability to award £400 loans to those with bad credit. This is because we take a human approach assessing all candidates on an individual basis, rather than applying a mass screening approach. Although unable to lend applicants £400 instant loans without a credit check, this is for your own benefit as much as our own.

At Payday Loans Net, we focus primarily on customers who have been rejected by other companies. As we are fully authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we perform a credit check for every application. Customers with bad credit are understandably tempted by no credit check loans. However, more often than not, this type of promise is too good to be true and is only offered by loan sharks unregulated by the FCA. This, in turn, can lead to spiralling debts and serious money problems.

We understand that a poor credit rating isn’t the be-all and end-all. We take other considerations into account, specifically, your actual ability to repay the loan. That’s why those with bad credit are always welcome, and we will do what we can to support every customer regardless of their history.


If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch, and we will be happy to guide you through all options.

£400 Loans FAQs

Is Payday Loans Net a £400 Loan Broker?

As a direct lender of 400 pound loans, we take complete control of the loan application and process. What this means is that no third party is involved. We alone make the decision to decline or approve a request and transfer the £400 payday loan money directly. This saves valuable time and also ensures your information is not passed on to external companies. In contrast, a broker works on your behalf to find a suitable lender.

If, in the worst-case scenario, your Payday Loans Net loan request is denied, we can, with your permission, try to find you an alternative, effectively acting as a broker. And if all else fails, we can offer advice on how to improve your credit rating to boost your chances of approval.

When Will I Receive My 400 Pound Loan?

Once accepted, the £400 loan will be transferred to your bank account the same day, in less than four hours and typically within one hour after approval. Once received, you will be granted access to your account at any time, so you can view all your personal details, upcoming payments, interest rates, etc.

Are There Any Extra Costs for a £400 Loan?

We at Payday Loans Net want to reduce as much expenditure as possible for you. Some brokers and lenders have hidden fees that can come as an unwelcome surprise. We have strict rules against rollovers and multiple loans to ensure your debt is kept in check and to a minimum.

Above all, we are here for you. By combining an open and transparent approach with speedy transactions, flexible payments, and first-class customer care, we aim to support every applicant to achieve financial stability, no matter their predicament or credit rating.

Eligibility for a £400 Loan

£400 pound loans from Payday Loans Net allow you to resolve any financial issues you may be experiencing.

As a direct lender of £400 instant loans, there are certain criteria you must adhere to. To get £400 instant loans from us, you must:

  • Reside in the UK
  • Have a UK bank account
  • Have a steady income

If you have any queries or problems that you cannot resolve on the phone, we have an English address which is open during work hours. Feel free to contact us today and resolve any financial problems you may be experiencing.

Representative example

Total amount of credit: £500
Duration of the agreement: 4 months
Repayment total: £863.24
Interest is fixed at rate of 270.10% per year – 0.8% interest per day | Representative 997% APR
Instalment 1
Instalment 2 & 3
Instalment 4
Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go moneyhelper.org.uk