We all love gadgets and whats better than owning energy saving gadgets that save money and add to the fun of life! Payday Loans Now explores different energy saving gadgets and what they are used for.

In this article we will look at different ways to save money using energy saving gadgets:
Eco Buttons
Breville hot cups
Radiator boosters
Water-powered shower radios
Bio lite camping stoves
Bamboo speakers
Solar chargers
Standby Strips

If you’re out to save money, how about saving the world too? Or at least some of it. By using less energy, you’ll avoid expensive payday UK loans, and you’re helping the environment! Check out these money-saving gadgets in this article from Payday Loans Net.

Energy Saving Gadgets and Gizmos To Save Money

Here we have listed ten eco-friendly gadgets and gizmos that we found have been on sale in the past, and if you shop around, you could find them for significantly less. The point of these gadgets is that by using them regularly, you can eventually save money on your energy bills. We do recommend that you do your research regarding these products, as we take no responsibility for any losses incurred through using them.

The Eco Button

By merely pressing this eco-friendly button, you send your personal computer into a profound sleep – just drawing enough electricity to continue ‘ticking over’. It is the next level of power saving after Standby mode, and it comes with software which will explain to you just how much cash and CO2 you are saving.

Breville Hot Cup

You fill the Breville Hot Cup with around five cups of water, and if you want a cuppa, it will boil just 1 cup for you in a matter of minutes. It saves money on electricity bills since it is only going to boil just what you want. Plus it is going to help save time since it does not require as long to warm water as most kettles.

Radiator Booster

This Radiator Booster sits at the back of your radiator. It stores up heat and then spreads it evenly and quickly around the surrounding area. One reviewer said it stored them £160 in their heating bills.

Solar-Powered Electrical Shaver

Ever been in the jungle and thought: ‘I want a great shave’? If yes, you would have profited from this solar-powered electrical shaver. It charges fully in sunlight in 8 to 12 hours. You can use it for travelling or at home.

Water-Powered Shower Radio

If the shower is your stage, you’ll like this one. This H2O Shower Radio utilizes your water pressure to charge itself. This way you’ll be able to listen to all of your favourite radio stations in the shower without having to spend anything on electricity. Look forward to avoiding a guaranteed payday loan for your energy bill this month.

Wireless Toaster Computer Keyboard

This wireless solar keyboard from Logitech charges if there’s sun. After fully charged, it can keep power for up to three weeks in complete darkness. This way you can get the ease of a wireless computer keyboard with no fear that it is likely to run out of battery power.

BioLite Camping Stove

Cook as you are camping or outside without petrol or other dangerous or heavy gas. This BioLite camping cooker runs off twigs and sticks you discover as you are out and around. It lights fast and is simple to use. As an additional bonus, it is going to charge your phone and other gadgets as you cook your meal.

Bamboo Speaker

This Bam-Boom speaker is created entirely of pure bamboo and comprises no additional elements. Simply slot your cell phone in and the bamboo will amplify and resonate the noise created by the phone’s speakers. Nifty, no?

Solar Charger

The mobile Freeloader PICO lightweight solar charger, when fully charged, provides a mobile phone 35 hours of battery life, an iPod 14 hours and 1.5 hours of usage for a GPS. It charges itself with natural sunlight in about 10 hours or it could be charged (in only 3-4 hours) from USB if you would like.

Standby Strip

This Eaga Standby 8-socket Strip makes it possible to save electricity by turning off appliances and electricals which are on standby. It could save you up to £40 per year on your electricity bills. It is designed with two sockets that are ‘always on’, and six sockets for peripherals.

Let us say, for instance, that your TV is at the ‘always on’ socket and other devices such as your DVD player and speakers are plugged into the peripheral outlets. If your TV is switched off, the sockets for the peripheral will disconnect from the mains. When you flip your TV back on, the peripherals will turn on as well.

Conclusion – Energy Saving Gadgets

Evidently, there are ways to save money, and save the environment too. One such way is by purchasing gadgets that are eco-friendly. You’ll use less energy and save money on your bills. This could help you to avoid a short term loan to cover your monthly electricity bill.

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