You’ve been saving up for a nice vacation, and you’re finally ready to start planning. But airline tickets are pretty pricey, and you probably don’t want to blow all your savings on travel costs. Well, did you know the day of the week you make your purchase can change the price?

Discover the best day to buy flights, the best time to buy a laptop, and when to shop for jewellery with our handy guide. Payday Loans Net teaches you how to save on both big-ticket and everyday items – just by timing your shopping right.

What to Buy & When

When you’ve been saving up to make a big purchase, you deserve to spend your money well. You’ll probably look at options from different companies, comparison websites, and customer reviews to make the highest quality purchase. And even though you’ve saved up for this big buy, you’re probably still looking for the best deal (who isn’t???). Well, paying attention to when you buy things can also help you save loads of money. And we’re not just talking about the end-of-season sales (although those are great, too). Purchasing certain items on specific days of the week can help you grow your savings – even while you spend.

Want to hear the even better news? These daily savings aren’t just limited to big purchases. If you aren’t interested in the best time to buy flights, you can still get money off household items, food and clothes. Sounds crazy? It’s a fact! Correctly timing your purchases can help you save for a rainy day and avoid a short term loan when unexpected expenses crop up.

Ready to start counting your weekly savings? Keep reading!

What to Buy on Sunday

  • Groceries
    There are loads of new coupons for supermarkets in the Sunday papers and magazines, so this is the best day to restock your refrigerator and pantry with all the essentials. Not only can you save on food, toiletries, and household items, you can also organise yourself for the coming week. Planning a weekly menu in advance and shopping for all the ingredients with coupons can save you costly last-minute trips to the store. Furthermore, planning your meals can help you avoid ordering takeaway out of last-second desperation.
  • Major appliances
    Sunday allows everyone the opportunity to putter around their houses a bit and notice all the things that need replacing. So naturally, more people search for new washing machines, ovens and refrigerators today. Retailers have caught onto this trend and generally offer attractive deals that won’t break the bank.
  • Bathing suits
    Sundays bring online swimsuit savings of nearly 52% – that’s a deal I would jump on!

Monday Money Savers

  • Cars
    If you’re looking for a new set of wheels, Monday is the best time to buy a car. Why? After a slow weekend for sales, automotive dealers are more willing to give customers discounts to close a deal. It’s also important to keep seasonal sales in mind – especially with an expensive purchase like a car. Click here for more tips on timing your car purchase just right.
  • Electronics
    Cameras, TV’s, computers, video games and other devices generally go on sale earlier in the week to draw in more customers. A savvy shopper like you can snag these deals on all things electronic before other customers catch on.
  • Dress pants
    Research shows a 48% average price drop for pants.
  • Sunglasses
    Greet the week with a stylish new pair of shades. You can get Monday savings online up to 55% off!

What to Buy on Tuesday

  • Airline tickets
    Vacationers, fasten your seatbelts! Tuesday afternoon is the best time to buy flights, as this is when discounted plane tickets hit the web. Didn’t get a chance to check out on Tuesday PM? Don’t worry. These deals generally last through Thursday, so you still have time to save.
    Don’t book over the weekend, though! Airfare prices start to rise Thursday evening and peak over the weekend. So if you missed the cutoff this week, wait until next Tuesday – it’s hands-down the best day to buy flights. Still looking for help planning your trip? Check out this great tool that can help you find the best time to buy flights based on your itinerary.
  • Menswear
    Looking for some new shirts for the office or a nice tie for date night? Shopping for men’s apparel online on Tuesday can help you save up to 42% on your purchases. How’s that for a sweet deal?


  • Petrol
    Gas prices tend to rise over the weekend, so filling up your car between Wednesday and early Thursday morning will help you avoid these sneaky price jumps. Another tip: Early morning is the best time of day to top up on petrol. The sun’s heat causes gas bubbles to form in the petrol, so if you fill your tank at 2 PM, you’ll actually get less for your money. However, if you fill up in the cool morning hours, you’ll get the most for your money in pure, bubble-free petrol.
  • Groceries
    Supermarkets start to advertise special discounts mid-week may combine them with promotions from the previous week. With all these savings piling up, it might be worth your while to restock your kitchen on Wednesdays.
  • Jewellery
    Retail data suggests that women tend to start shopping for accessories in the middle of the week. Hence, many retailers offer discounts on jewellery and other accessories beginning Wednesday and into Thursday. Guys can definitely take advantage of these sales as well when purchasing jewellery for a significant other. You can often find deals on beautiful sets – and the recipient will be none the wiser.
  • Shoes
    Wednesday is the perfect opportunity to outfit your feet with average savings of 38% on footwear. Be mindful of seasonal sales as well. Boots and other cold-weather apparel usually go on sale in the spring, while sandals and water shoes get discounted as autumn approaches.
  • Children’s Clothing
    Shopping on Wednesdays for your kids’ wardrobes can help you save an average of 40%!

What to Buy on Thursday

  • Purses & Clutches
    Thursday brings prices on expensive handbags down by 36% online!
  • Clothing
    Thursday is the best time to buy that top you’ve been eyeing, as all types of clothing get discounted by close to 40%! With the weekend approaching, many retailers start rolling out their sales early to attract more customers. Definitely take advantage.
  • Petrol
    Don’t forget to snag some last-minute savings for your vehicle before prices go up over the weekend!


  • Accessories
    The weekend is almost here, so prices have started to go up on many items. Nevertheless, you can still get major savings on belts, scarves, hats and other accessories on Friday – with up to 42% off!

What to Buy on Saturday

  • Books
    The weekend is finally here, with loads of “me-time” to do what you love best. Proud bookworm? Closet bookworm? Either way, Saturday is the best time to hit the (online) bookstores and stock up on new titles to binge-read for the rest of the weekend.
  • Outwear
    Weekend hibernation not your thing? If you’d rather be out hiking on a Saturday morning, there are still deals for you! You can save an average of 51% on outwear to perfectly equip yourself for that mountain climb.

What to Buy – Every Day of the Week

Payday Loans Net brings you the inside scoop on saving money every day of the week. Sceptical? Try it out! We can’t make any promises for retailers, but you might be surprised at the great deals you can find. Timing is everything – especially when it comes to special deals and promotions. We encourage you to take advantage of these tips and put the savings away for an emergency. This way, you’ll be prepared for life’s unexpected expenses, and you won’t need a wage day advance to make it through a rough patch. Happy saving!

Chloe Winters
Chloe grew up in the countryside, but came to the city to pursue a career in economics. She fell in love with the abundance of shops, and quickly developed a passion for fashion. After blowing her first salary on a shopping spree, she realised that budgeting is the only way to go. Now, Chloe is a budgeting queen – and still manages to dress like a superstar. She loves sharing the advice and tips she gained along the way, and is excited to be part of the Payday Loans Net blogging team. Her advice to you: If I can do it, anyone can!

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