The popularity of YouTube over the last ten years has led to some famous YouTubers being able to quit their jobs and amass a fortune. Payday Loans Net explores how to make money on YouTube. Is it a stable career?

In this article about how to make money on YouTube you’ll read:

  • The appeal of earning on YouTube
  • What some people make
  • Earnings through AdSense
  • Other ways to earn
  • Earnings from merchandise
  • Public appearances
  • The highest earner
  • The sustainability of a YouTube career
  • Conclusion

How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is one of the world’s top entertainment sites and boasts 300 million visitors every day. Amazingly there are 300 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute from funny animal videos and people’s mishaps, TV shows and videos on absolutely everything from YouTubers. There is no end of topics for YouTubers to make videos about to attract millions of subscribers. All they need to do is make it interesting and useful for as many people as possible. In this article, Payday Loans Net explores how to make monwy on YouTube. Struggling to make it to pay day? You can get to your wage day advance login for a loan with PDNET.

How much money can a YouTuber make?

There are secrets to being successful. One person who has mastered the art of making money from YouTube is Swedish PewDiePie. He was the highest paid YouTuber in 2016 bringing in a £15 million income through the support of his 59 million subscribers. There are plenty more famous millionaires who earn their living on YouTube. For example, a large number of people who have managed to quit their jobs and make enough money to pay their bills. So how do they do it?

Do YouTubers earn a lot of money through AdSense?

Most YouTubers earn money through advertisements that people click on before they watch their uploaded videos or by viewers clicking on the banner ads. In order to start earning they have to connect their YouTube account to Google AdSense account and hope that people click on. This is quite probable as the ads that are displayed are usually relevant to the content of the uploaded video, so it is likely that viewers will be interested enough to click on.

Based on the average number of viewers who click on these ads a YouTuber can expect to get paid between $1 and $5 per 1,000 views. These earnings have lessened over the years, and YouTube now takes 50% of the ad revenue. But a video that gets 1 million views can still earn between $1,000 (£750) to $5,000 (£3,700).

How to make money on YouTube in other ways?

Many YouTubers can make more money by using something commonly called “patreon”. It is something like an online tip jar. This allows some users to support their favourite people by contributing something to the tip jar for each video that they view or a small amount each month. Sometimes YouTubers allow those who pay a small amount to see their videos earlier than the rest of the population and let them to ask questions. Most claim that they don’t expect people to pay but when they do it is a welcome bonus.

Earning money through affiliate links

Once YouTubers get a large audience and become popular, they can earn more money by being sponsored by big brands to talk about their products. This kind of income is especially relevant for fashion bloggers or those who create make-up and beauty videos. They can talk about these products and services and then provide links to the providers and earn themselves a percentage of the sale. When a viewer sees something that they like on a YouTuber’s video and clicks a link to the product through their website, then the YouTuber can expect to get 15 – 20% of the sale.

What have we learned so far?
  • YouTube is one of the world’s top entertainment sites.
  • 300 Million people tune in every day and 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute
  • Many people upload videos and earn millions of pounds a year.
  • Others have managed to quit their jobs and earn a modest income from their videos.
  • One way to earn money is from advertising revenue when people click on sponsored ads.
  • One million views can earn a YouTuber between $1,000 and $5,000 per video.
  • Others rely on patreon for views who do not mind paying a small fee to see videos earlier.
  • Promoting products and services can generate revenue through affiliate links.

Can YouTubers cash in on their fame to sell their merchandise?

Many YouTubers use their fame to endorse products. They make a killing from the sales of perfumes, fashion lines, wristbands, phone cases and many other sellable items. One famous British lifestyle YouTuber called Zoella cashed in on her YouTube fame by publishing three books. Her books went on to become New York Times bestsellers. She also brought out a famous cosmetics line. PewDiePie made a fortune by releasing a mobile game app that was based on his experiences as a YouTuber.

How YouTubers make money with public appearances

Some of the most famous YouTubers can earn a lot of money on YouTube by making personal appearances. They can charge thousands of pounds for making an appearance or giving a talk about their particular subject. The big Beautycon Festival that is held in New York each year attracts thousands of YouTubers and beauty enthusiasts who come to meet and hear what their beloved beauty gurus have to say.

How do they earn the most money?

You Tubers who have made a name for themselves can make the most cash by making a video of themselves using and enjoying a big brand name product. Getting paid to make this kind of video can earn them 12 times more than they get from their AdSense revenue. Most of the big name YouTubers who make brand deal videos are not allowed to disclose how much money they get paid for their endorsement.

Is it a sustainable income or do YouTubers fade?

Only the fittest survive in any industry, and the same applies to YouTubers. Many fade away and become less popular, despite their attempts to create new videos. New people with fresh ideas are increasingly waiting on the sidelines to take their place. Many YouTubers have enjoyed years of success and revenue from their videos can still earn heaps of money, even if it is not as much as it once was. When people become bored with YouTubers, their fans just stop watching, and they have no alternative than just to fade away.

How to make money on YouTube? – Conclusion

There are thousands of people who are earning a living by uploading favourite videos on YouTube. Some of the most famous YouTubers have made millions of pounds through merchandise that they endorse, advertising revenue and public appearances. Staying at the top needs hard work and dedication as people can get bored quickly and start to follow one of the thousands of newbies who are anxious to cash in. Whether this how to make money on YouTube article helps you or not, it is important to realise that some people will never get time in the limelight. If you need cash to start you on your way to a successful career, you can apply for payday UK loans with Payday Loans Net.

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