There’s nothing like a good holiday when you need a break – except when it breaks the bank. Here you’ll discover some simple and practical holiday money saving tips.

Here you’ll learn the following holiday money saving tips for:

Airport LoungesIn-Flight Purchases
Hotel Rooms in CitiesTravel Insurance
Baggage ChargesTransactions
Hotel Wi-FiTour Guides
Public TransportShop Tax-Free
Pass on breakfastConclusion

11 Holiday Money Saving Tips That Actually Work

Despite being a payday loans lender online, Payday Loans Net encourages borrowers to save money and avoid unnecessary loans! Here we’ve compiled a list of some really practical tips to save money when travelling. Let your next holiday be a relaxing one, without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Airport Lounges
  2. Ever been tempted to go to the posh airport lounges while you wait for your plane? I can’t pretend I haven’t… but, I do not think it classifies as a legitimate expense. Certainly not if I’ll be taking a payday loan in the UK to fund it. Also, I’ve heard that the lounge can be just as bustling as the rest of the airport. I say do not waste your time or money and don’t bother with lounges.

  3. In-Flight Purchases
  4. Airlines today will bill the client for every amenity that they can. These range from cans, pillows, blankets, beverages, etc.. So as you are packing for your journeys, be sure to have your headset to keep you entertained, an extra layer of clothes instead of a blanket or pillow. To keep hydrated during your trip, you can usually ask for water from the tap, instead of paying for bottles.

  5. Hotel Rooms in Major Cities
  6. Yes, staying in the middle of a crowded town near a monument of sorts sounds amazing. But as soon as you see how tiny your suite is and just how enormous the invoice is – you will want you to reconsider. Rather than booking a hotel in the middle of the town, research areas to stay (or perhaps hostels) nearby. Your jaw will drop when you see the price difference.

  7. Travel Insurance
  8. If buying insurance will put you at ease during your trip, then it may be a worthy purchase. However, odds are, you do not have to cover your luggage (since you should not have much). Health insurance is a must during your journey. Still, double check where to get the best deals before you confirm anything!

  9. Baggage Charges
  10. Airlines usually offer one or two checked bags free of charge together with the purchase of your flight. Besides for that, there will be fees attached for any extra luggage. The lighter you pack, the more you’ll be saving on fees, and possibly payday loans with no credit check.

  11. Transactions
  12. If you did not exchange your money before you left, do this as soon as you land at your destination. But, keep away from the cash exchanges in the airport since they often offer unfair prices. If you do not need to swap money, take out the money once you get to the bank. By paying with cash as much as possible, you can steer clear of those excess charge card charges and possible identity theft.

  13. Hotel Wi-Fi
  14. Don’t lose sight of the real reason you chose to go away by spending a large part of your time on your phone. Purchasing hotel Wi-Fi might appear to be a fantastic idea when you arrive. However, soon enough you’re likely to regret wasting all that money. If you need internet access, you’re better off visiting a local café or restaurant which provides free wi-fi.

  15. Tour Guides
  16. When you arrive at your destination, there will probably be tour guides in the airport and your hotel offering to show you about their town. A tour guide is useful if you are visiting an archaeological site, or similar. But, in many instances, you can find out a lot of information by researching it online before your trip. Doing so will help you to anticipate your trip even more, and it will only increase your excitement when you see the place in person.

  17. Public Transport
  18. Many popular cities such as Paris, Vienna, Venice, Madrid, Amsterdam and Rome, are somewhat streamlined. By planning your holiday with holiday money saving tips you’ll be able to save money by avoiding bus, tube and cab fares. Sometimes, you may decide to go for hiring your own car. This doesn’t have to work out so expensive. Watch the video by Martin Lewis from and get some really useful money saving tips before hiring your car.

  19. Shop Tax-free
  20. There isn’t any taxation – or duty-free shopping over the EU. However, if you’re travelling beyond the member countries you can get VAT refunds from stores participating in federal tax-free policies in countries such as Morocco, Turkey and Singapore. You’ll have to keep hold of your receipts and present them in the airport before you leave. Refunds are typically made by article.

  21. Pass on Breakfast
  22. At least in your hotel. You can pop round to the nearest cafe and save a considerable amount of money. In more expensive hotels you can pay £40 or more simply to get a continental breakfast. Of course, if breakfast is included in your price, take advantage and take a couple of bread rolls for your day trip too😜.

Holiday Money Saving Tips – Conclusion

Need a payday loan to help cover your holiday costs? We can provide an instant decision on your loan, even if you’re on the other end of the continent! However, we don’t recommend using short term loans for bad credit to enjoy a 5-star holiday if it is beyond your means. If you cannot afford the holiday, chances are you won’t afford the repayment. This is where debt starts. Use our holiday money saving tips to spend less, then you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind afterwards.

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