Has the back to school rush started to affect your purse? Discover tips for saving on shopping for back to school, in this article from payday loans direct lenders.

September is on the horizon, and for many parents, this signals back to school shopping. On average parents in the UK may well expect to spend up to £200 sending their child back to school. Uniforms and stationary bulk up the costs in addition to sports equipment, books and school bags which all contribute to the overall burden of expenses.

In order to help relieve some of this stress. Listed are several tips to help you become an efficient back-to-school shopper this year, and to avoid needing to take a payday loan.

Back to school – School Uniform

If the school your child goes to, doesn’t require you to purchase their uniforms from a specific school shop, you should be looking in the major retail stores. The retailers are all competing to get the most customers. So, take price comparisons from all the popular stores such as; Matalan, George, Tesco, and Sainsburys, to get the best price. You may find that you can save time by simply looking up and ordering online, rather than shopping along the high-street. The Summer is a perfect time to go sales shopping and to grab a bargain.







Girls Pinafore Dress





Girls Cardigans



£6 for 2


Boys Trousers



£7 for 2


Boys Shirts

£3 for 2

£5.50 for 2

£4.50 for 3

£4.50 for 2

School Shoes

Next time you find yourself looking in the sales, keep your eyes out for cheap but good quality shoes for your kids. Usually, when your child needs new school shoes, you find it is at the beginning of the Winter season when the prices are sky high. Invest now, during the Summer sales for the last stock of the Winter collection, for your child’s next shoe size. This will mean you don’t need to pay such a hefty price when the Winter comes around, and your child is desperate for new shoes.

Lost and Found

It is so common for children to lose their school jumpers. How many times has this happened to you, and you’ve had to spend more money on replacing your child lost possessions? A good way of preventing children losing their belongings is by making sure they labelled all their things, with their names and phone number. Before you send the child to school, buy self-adhesive or iron on labels to stick on your children’s clothing and stationary. Look in the school sections in the main retail stores now, as it is currently a popular thing to buy. If you have already bought your children’s supplies and don’t want to run to the shops again, order online from big online markets such as on Amazon, usually you can get good prices and free postage.


One of the biggest excitements for a child in going back to school is their stationary and accessories. The key to shopping with kids for their school supplies is really by using psychology to get your child to make the decision of choosing his/her stationary, at an affordable cost.

When shopping with your young primary school kids, pick up a cheap but fun looking pencil-case, and convince them how cool it is. This will make the child think that they have picked the best item, and be happy with it. Shopping with this attitude will unnoticeably help you save costs.

Another method to prevent unnecessary expenditure would simply be to find supplies stashed in your home, instead of buying new. This could be from a range of things from markers to jump ropes.

Buy in Bulk

When you purchase supplies like pens and pencils, etc. the trick is to buy in bulk. Often you will notice offers to buy more but at a lesser price. You may not need so many pads of paper right now, but it is likely there will be a time when you do need them. Therefore, you won’t need to rebuy, because you’ve bought it in advance for a lower price. A lot of the supplies you buy for your primary and high school children are things you anyway use in your home. Stocking up can be a very efficient way of saving.

If you don’t want spare supplies knocking around your home, you can always join with other parents for back to school supplies. One parent buys the supplies in bulk at a cheaper price and then splits the cost with the other parents.


Avoid buying schoolbags which have cartoon characters printed on them, these bags almost always cost more than plainer ones. There are still plenty of cheerful designs for schoolbags, without having ‘Hello kitty’ or ‘Spiderman’ emblazoned all over it.

If your child’s schoolbag is still in good condition from the last school year, it’s not always necessary to replace it.

Often, schoolbag designs are age appropriate, and the problem isn’t that the bag is in bad condition, rather, it is too juvenile for your child. Don’t throw the bag out, but instead, keep it for a younger child. You could always donate it to charity for someone underprivileged who can’t buy first hand.

Food for School

Parents always seem to struggle wondering whether they should send their child to school with packed lunches, or buying the school dinners. We look at ways to save for both options.

School Dinners

School dinners are a great way to be sure your child is eating a healthy balanced diet. Schools are obliged to make sure their dinners contain all the necessary nutrients that are needed to help your child focus and to have energy throughout the day. The problem can be, that school dinners are expensive. Consider sending your child a few days a week with packed lunch, and on the other days buy school dinners. Then you won’t need to pay the full amount.

There are plauses for a family with lower income to be entitled to either free school dinners, or at least at a reduced price.

Children often like to buy expensive treats at the school canteen. Avoid this temptation by sending them with their own extras, so that the only thing they need to purchase is their main lunch dish.

Packed Lunches

Trying to save when making your child lunch every day can be quite easy. A simple idea is to give your child leftovers from last night’s supper. Also, you should avoid sending your child with pre-packaged foods, as these are usually costly. A way to shop cost efficiently would be to look out for deals on healthy foods and to stock up on them. Ultimately, you could prevent the need for short term loans!

Instead of wasting wrapping every day, avoid preparing your child lunches with disposables, such as with tin foil. Rather, put their lunches in re-usable containers.


Avoid getting into the habit of sending your child to school with expensive snacks. Give your child a cheap and healthy option of snack. Vegetables are way more cost efficient than a packet of crisps. Children today tend to be fussy eaters. Try to make the healthy and cheap snacks exciting, and not monotonous. Don’t just give them a whole carrot, alternate on different days between chopping it into pennies and into sticks.


Working out the cheapest mode of transport depends a lot on location. If you live locally to the school your children go to, you could walk them to school. Set aside ten extra minutes every morning to walk your child to school. Once your child is older and more responsible, consider buying him/her a bicycle. The child would be able to ride safely to school. The initial purchase of the bike may be expensive, but in the long run, it could save. Think of how much petrol you’d save by not having to start your car every morning.

Some schools offer a school bus at very cheap rates. This will help you save time; you won’t need to sit in traffic every morning during rush hour. If there is no option of a school bus, you can arrange a carpool with local parents of your child’s friends. This will mean you only need to do the school run once or twice a week and will save on your petrol.

Following this advice will undoubtedly help you find ways to save money, and to avoid needing to take out an instant payday loan when doing your back to school shopping.

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